George is a friend of yours

ضمیرهای ملکی مانند yours را قبلاً یاد گرفته‌ایم. یکی از عبارات رایج برای این کلمه، “of yours” است.

George is a friend of yours.

در درس دیگری، عبارت a friend of mine را هم بررسی کرده‌ایم.

Maybe you can take a friend of yours with you there.

This was a good idea of yours!

I think that it’s a very good idea of yours to come to the UK.

You can ask some friends of yours to join you.

You even try to stop me and I’ll introduce you to an old friend of yours


کسی را مورد خطاب قرار دهید و به این بهانه، “of yours” را به کار ببرید.


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