You think, therefore you are

بعضی از قیدها هستند که دو جمله یا کلاز را به هم وصل می‌کنند.

You think, therefore you are.

در این ترم، تعدادی از این کلمات را به کمک فلش‌کارت‌ها یاد می‌گیریم.

If I get two kings, I take one. Otherwise, I fold.

Furthermore, I never discuss politics with women.

Furthermore, you came back to see me tonight.

تلفظ این کلمه، برای ما احتمالاً دشوار خواهد بود.

در این ترم باید بتوانیم با تعدادی بیشتری از این کلمات کار کنیم.

You don’t like city’s with a lot of people. Therefore I suggest you go to a small school in the countryside, near your new home.

I decided to join these classes because I have to improve my reading, writing and speaking in English. Furthermore I want to write my thesis in an English-speaking country next year.

Please let me know if you can collect it otherwise I will ask my other Turkish friend.


برای حداقل یکی از کلماتی که در این درس گفتیم، جمله بسازید.


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  1. I am going shopping therefore have to leave you alone.
    I have to study, furthermore, I have to find a job.
    you must practice more and more otherwise can not win.
    When I arrived I had to clean the house, furthermore, I had to prepare dinner because two houres later had five guests.

  2. We jogged for an hour around the park, therefore all of us were really really thirsty.
    He doesn’t have any family or children, furthermore has studied English at university, so you shouldn’t compare yourself with him.
    This apartment has a really nice design, furthermore public transportation is convenient in the neighborhood, therefore if you buy it, you’ll benefit a lot.

  3. My friend was in a hurry, therefore I helped her finish her work early.
    If it would be sunny tomorrow, we’ll go on a picnic, otherwise we’ll stay indoors.
    I was downloading happymod program because I want my game being mod, otherwise my game just is normal.
    My nephew, ‘Radin’ suggested me the third sentence, he is in the third elementary grade and has never attended in language class, and learned English only by watching English games, cartoons and movies.

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