you should probably go

I think you should probably go now

Broken Flowers

به دو کلمه should probably توجه کنید. یک فعل کمکی و قید کنار هم آمده‌اند.

You can surely tell

در اینجا هم همان ساختار را داریم؛ انگار فعل و قید و فعل کمکی با هم ترکیب می‌شوند تا منظور دقیق گوینده را انتقال دهند.

غالباً صحبت در مورد قطعیت یا احتمال است: “شاید باید برگردی” یا “قطعاً می‌توانی بگویی”

Next year you can surely go somewhere with your friends

You should probably bring sun block, because it’s going be hot, and some food of course.

In my opinion if you decided to go to a large school in the centre of town, you would certainly meet a lot of cool people and you’d probably find it great.


موضوع مشابهی را که در ذهن دارید، به کمک ساختار بالا بیان کنید: با ترکیب قید، فعل و فعل کمکی. لطفاً آن را با دوستان خود به اشتراک بگذارید.


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  1. For example:
    I believe it’s best if you leave now.
    I think you should probably get some rest before your big exam tomorrow.
    This summer you could definitely take a road trip with your family.
    This summer, you could definitely visit a national park and go hiking or camping.
    This fall, you could definitely learn how to play a new musical instrument.
    You should probably bring an umbrella, because it’s supposed to rain later, and a jacket, too.
    You might want to bring a change of clothes, in case you get wet or dirty.

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