you decide yourself what to do

این جمله را بخوانید:

you decide what to do

و آن را این جمله مقایسه کنید:

you decide yourself what to do

گاهی برای تاکید، ضمیرهای ملکی را به این صورت استفاده می‌کنیم.

The best solution will be if you decide yourself what to do.

در واقع هدف تاکید روی این هست که “خود تو” باید تصمیم بگیری. تفاوت این جمله در زبان فارسی هم دقیقاً به همین صورت است:

تو باید تصمیم بگیری

تو خودت باید تصمیم بگیری

I think it was the director himself who guided the actress through our wonderful school gardens to film the opening scene there.

The food was delicious, especially the cake, which Sandra had cooked herself.

Only the Director himself. He asked that you contact him immediately.

He did himself before entered my room


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  1. For example:
    I did it myself
    You should enjoy yourself
    I painted this picture myself
    Mary herself called me to apologize
    You cooked this yourself? It looks delicious.
    The kingdom of heaven is yours(The Holy Bible)
    You yourself can choose your own destiny(Les Miserables)
    He looked at himself in the mirror and saw a stranger(A Farewell to Arms)

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