Would you just listen to me? Please

Would you just listen to me? Please? Stop that!

That’s a good idea. Would you do me a favor?

Would you please do me a favour? Could you go and collect the clothes for me?

Would you let me know what you think?

Think of the fun you will have with your friends, the whole day hanging around, playing sports, eating ice cream. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

مانند همیشه می‌توان از سوال کوتاه هم استفاده کرد:

I think it would be fantastic, wouldn’t it?


درباره موضوعی به یک سوال فکر کنید و آن را در قالب ساختاری که یاد گرفتیم، مطرح کنید.


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  1. For example:
    Would you just leave me alone? Please? I don’t want to talk to you right now!
    Would you just leave me be? Please? I’m not in the mood to talk!
    That’s an excellent suggestion. Would you be willing to lend me your car for a few days?
    Could you provide your feedback on my presentation?
    The weather is perfect for a picnic, wouldn’t you say?
    This book is so interesting, couldn’t you put it down?

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