Why Can’t you go home

Why Can’t you go home?

Spy Game

سوال پرسیدن با can’t یکی از جملات بسیار رایج است.

Don’t you understand, Mother? Can’t you hear me?

Young Sherlock Holmes

Can’t you go with your parents some time and with your friends later?

Why can’t she visit them alone and I can relax at the beach?

گاهی چنین سوالی به شکل کوتاه (question tag) استفاده می‌شود:

You can ask your parents what they think you should do, can’t you?


موقعیتی را تصور کنید و سوالی را با can’t خطاب به طرف مقابل بنویسید:


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  1. For example:
    Why Can’t you join us for dinner?
    Why Can’t you just leave me alone?
    Why would you say that?
    Don’t you realize, Ali? I’m not your personal assistant! Can’t you see how busy I am?
    You can check your phone to see if you have any messages, can’t you?
    You can always call me if you need anything, can’t you?

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