which one is you

یکی از عبارات رایج برای one، عبارت which one است که برای سوال پرسیدن به کار برده می‌شود:

I mean, which one is you?

Which one is the smart one?

And how do I know which one is him and which one is you?

If you ask me which one I would choose, I would first go camping and then to Disneyland in Paris.

First of all, you should think of all the advantages and disadvantages of each option and if you want, you can write them on a piece of paper. This way you see which one is the best.

در جواب سوال which one می‌توان از عباراتی مانند this one و that one برای اشاره به چیزی که جواب است اشاره کرد.

This one or that one?

One only. That one? Okay

How do I know this? Before I died… I killed a mimic, only this one was different.

I met many old friends there, because I was in another judo club before this one and my friends and I left the old one to join the 1.JCF, because we heard that this one is the best in the whole of Frankfurt.

I’m thinking about buying a new desk because this one is very old.

I choose that one, because it is a very good and quiet place.

This is the only part of “”Harry Potter”” movies which I don’t have, and it’s my favourite, so I’m going to buy that one

But don’t worry. These ones don’t sting.

What about orphans, these ones?

Those ones of you as a fat child on Daddy’s knee.

And I want those ones, obviously, because they’re mine.


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  1. For example:
    Which one of you is Ali?
    No one is perfect
    Everyone should have a goal in their life
    Which one do you want, an apple or an orange?
    The most important thing in life is to be happy
    I’m going to read this book, because I’ve heard it’s very interesting
    Success is not the key to happiness, but happiness is the key to success(The Pursuit of Happyness)
    Time is our most valuable asset(In Time)

  2. One day more another day another destiny this never-ending Road to Calvary(Les Miserables)
    There is nothing one can do against fate(Les Miserables)
    But which one will you choose?(Les Miserables)
    All one needs is love(Les Miserables)
    One could hear the murmur of voices in the distance(A Farewell to Arms)
    In war, one learned to live for the moment(A Farewell to Arms)
    The captain ordered one of the men to check the perimeter(A Farewell to Arms)
    Which one do you think is more dangerous, the war or the flu?(A Farewell to Arms)

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