this morning

برای ارجاع به زمان گذشته، استفاده از ترکیب this+time بسیار رایج است.

When? This morning.

در اینجا، this یک Determiner است (یا دقیقتر بگوییم Demonstrative Determiner) چون یک زمان مشخص را به ما نشان می‌دهد.

Hi Mark, Thank you for your lovely letter which I received this morning.

It was the best decision I’ve ever made. It happened this summer.

You know, you were the only good thing that happened this summer

Imagine how many views on You Tube we’d get if we posted what happened this weekend


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  1. I called him this morning to see whether he’s going to have a birthday party or not.

    This summer she’s not taking any music lesson as she wants to find a job in a bookstore.
    This spring wasn’t a joyful one for me.
    I just had started going to the gym this winter.

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