They are almost always misremembered

It’s too good to be true.

در جملات بالا، یک قید داریم اما گاهی این قیدها در کنار هم می‌آیند و یک adverb phrase را می‌سازند:

I’m just good with my hands.

She was just too good to be true

در جملات زیر هم چنین عباراتی داریم:

They are quickly forgotten, and almost always misremembered.

می‌بینیم که اینجا هم دو قید almost و always کنار هم آمده‌اند اما غالباً با هم تنها می‌آیند:

No. I always remembered everything.

Just yesterday, he almost remembered my name.

We get along quite well.

It will be really big and at first you will feel lonely, but there are so many people, you can find new friends really fast.

My style is almost always the same: light blue jeans, with a shirt and my old brown boots.

The pizza is just too good.

[about a film] It came out just yesterday.


فرض کنید می‌خواهید بگویید همیشه فلان اتفاق رخ می‌دهد. اما تقریباً همیشه. این را با یک عبارت (adverb phrase) بیان کنید.


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