These are the most important years for us as teenagers, and they have to be the best years

قبلا this و these را یاد گرفته‌ایم.

These are the main things that I can tell you

These are the most important years for us as teenagers, and they have to be the best years!

گاهی این ضمیر، اشاره دارد به چیزی که در جملات قبلی گفته‌ایم:

To stay fit I’m eating lots of fruit and vegetables, but meat and fish, too. I think you should do this, too, if you haven’t done it in the past.

هدف هم تاکید روی آنچه گفته شد یا ادامه همان صحبت است.

People usually don’t care about the cost. Because of this, weddings are more amazing.

My room seems to be very cold and very unfriendly. I think flowers and pictures change this.

Our department currently has a lot of work to do, because there are so many conferences to arrange, and it needs a person to be in charge of this.

I think that we have similar taste about things like these.

He is very clever and generous, and these are the things that I like most about him.

There are a few interesting and funny programmes like The Simpsons, Password or José Mota’s hour. These are the only programmes I like watching.

ضمیر those را هم قبلاً یاد گرفته‌ایم:

Most of my clothes are lemon, green or orange, those are my favorite colors!

Well, those are my ideas but you are the ones that are coming, and maybe you don’t like the countryside.

دقیقاً در مورد Those هم چنین قاعده‌ای را داریم:

Those are the things I like the most about her.

I don’t really think I’d move, but if I had to, I would love to live in a city like Paris or Rome. I’m very keen on cities like those.


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  1. For example:
    This is amazing
    Can you please pass me this book?
    This week has been very busy
    You need to read this book
    That was a great presentation you gave
    He took this crust of bread and broke it in two, and gave one half to the child(Les Miserables)
    These are the happiest days of my life(Les Miserables)
    This was a strange war. This was not our war. It was a war that we had nothing to do with, and yet we were all in it(A Farewell to Arms)
    I could see that mountain in the distance(A Farewell to Arms)
    I held this cup in my hand and looked at it, turning it around slowly in the light(A Farewell to Arms)

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