The weather is very cold at night

وقتی اشاره ما به یک اسم مشخص است، از article‌های مانند a و the استفاده می‌کنیم.

She is a doctor.

She is the doctor.

اما وقتی صحبت از آن اسم به صورت عمومی است، نیازی به استفاده از آنها نیست:

Science is my favorite field.

اینجا صحبت از علم است؛ نه یک علم مشخص.

The weather is very cold at night.

This programme will be shown on television next Friday.

Education in the future will change in a good way.

Yes, sometimes I like shopping for clothes.

But remember this: friends are important, but they are not for life. Your family will always be there to support you.


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  1. He took an exam and had an interview in a secondary school that was in another area of the city where I live.
    The principal of the school, who was the interviewer, was a nice and wise man and was really interested in getting students doing tasks with their hands.
    The interview and the exam both went well, unfortunately we couldn’t afford the tuition fees.

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