the people’s champion

قبلاً با s مالکیت سر و کار داشتیم.

همچنین اسم‌های جمع زیادی یاد گرفتیم.

در این درس، s مالکیت را برای اسم جمع خواهیم دید:

You say you’re the people’s champion. Yes, sir.

When I go out with my friends, I actually like wearing clothes that attract people’s attention.

I’m calling from his children’s school.

The second reason is: it is too far from the children’s school and, unfortunately, I haven’t got a car.


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  1. Children’s clothes are costlier than adults ones.
    All of her friends’ birthdays are in summer except hers.
    My cousins’ favorite soccer team had a final match and they decided to travel to Tehran and watch it in the stadium.
    Most women’s salaries are lower than their men colleagues at the same level.
    The sheep’s wool is going to be cut the next week and sent to the factory for making yarn.

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