such a terrible life

قبلاً عبارات اسمی زیادی مانند good friends و really good friends را یاد گرفتیم. حالا ویدئوی زیر را نگاه کنید:

You’re such a good friend, find her

Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (2012)

It’s such a terrible life, Joe.

ما عبارت such a و such an را در ترم دوم یاد گرفتیم. اینجا هم دوباره این عبارت را داریم، اما در یک عبارت اسمی.

به جای such a good friend، می‌تواند بگوید a good friend اما چرا از such استفاده می‌کند؟ برای تاکید بیشتر و اشاره به کیفیت good بودن این friend.

به همین دلیل در فارسی هم به جای “تو دوست خوبی هستی” می‌توانیم بگوییم “تو چنین دوست خوبی هستی”.

Because you’re such a good friend

Rushmore (1998)

You and Megan were such good friends.

The Girl on the Train (2016)

در جملات زیر هم این ترکیب مشابه را داریم:

It was so terrible because I’ve never been in such a terrible situation.

So it was really funny to hear from her after such a long time.

Thank you for giving me such a fantastic birthday present.

Also, we both liked to read and that was why we were such good friends.

I had never worn such high heels before.

You’re such a good man


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