spend half of your holiday with your parents

Anyway that’s enough of my news!

یکی از ترکیبات رایج determiner ها به این شکل است:

quantifying determiners + ‘of’ + determiner

برای مثال در عبارات ‘half of’, ‘enough of’, ‘none of’ این ساختار را داریم.

In my opinion you should spend half of your holiday with your parents and the other half with your friends: I think this would be the best thing to do.

Although I knew which kind of dress I wanted, none of the stores had it


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  1. Haven’t we endured enough of the noise they make every day? I’m going to talk about it in the next week’s meeting.
    None of the remarks he made was accepted by extremely religious teachers at our high school.
    I’ve heard enough of excuses from you, please be more responsible.
    Almost half of my friends participated in the field trip to the village nearby our university.
    None of his colleagues came with anything in their hands to our wedding, I was really surprised.
    More than half of the visitors of the old car museum were from other provinces apart from the capital of Iran.

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