Should I go or should I stay?

I don’t understand. Should I go or should I stay? What do you want?

Play Misty for Me (1971)

گاهی سوالاتی که می‌پرسیم، چند گزینه را مطرح می‌کند: بروم یا بمانم؟

به کمک or می‌توانیم جملات یا عباراتی را به عنوان جواب‌های احتمالی مطرح کنیم:

In the heart or in the head?

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

Is this area in the city or in the countryside?

Do you feel more sympathy for your friends or your parents?

البته لازم نیست حتماً همه گزینه‌ها را بدانیم یا مطرح کنیم. می‌توانیم عبارت مبهم و نامشخصی مانند or something else را هم به عنوان گزینه مطرح کنیم:

Maybe it’s your wife, or maybe it’s someone or something else.

A Night Without Armor (2017)

Shall we buy him a book, a CD or something else?

Poetry, history or something else?

گاهی لازم است به جای جمله یا عبارت، از کلاز استفاده کنیم:

What do you think about going for walks or jogging in your breaks?

We’ll take up yoga or jogging.We’ll be organized.

۲۸ Days (2000)

Are you still with him or did you two break up?

should I go there and talk to her or should I stay here?

ممکن است صحبت فقط در مورد یک گزینه باشد:

No? No. “To be, or not to be.”

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

احتمالاً کسی که چنین سوالی می‌پرسد، دنبال یک جواب صریح و قاطعانه است.

Can you help me or not?

Zodiac (2007)

Did you sleep with her or not?

All the Real Girls (2003)

Do you agree with me or not?

Do you want to do that or not?

Will you be there till that time or not?

Do you want to do that or not?

Do you agree with me or not?

Will you be there till that time or not?

For a few seconds he was quiet. I couldn’t wait, I asked nervously about his exam, did he pass or not?


فرض کنید دارید با یک نفر صحبت می‌کنید و چنین سوالی را از او می‌پرسید. چنین مثالهایی را به عنوان تمرین، زیر این درس کامنت کنید:


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  1. For example:
    Are you coming with me or not?
    Are you telling the truth or not?
    Did you go to the doctor today or not?
    Guilty or innocent?
    He stared out the window, his expression pensive. I couldn’t contain my curiosity any longer, so I asked, What did the doctor say?
    She sat at the kitchen table, her gaze fixed on the empty plate in front of her. I couldn’t stand the silence any longer, so I gently inquired, Are you okay?
    He gripped the steering wheel tightly, his knuckles turning white. Sensing his anxiety, I asked softly, Did you hear something?

  2. to making decisions based on emotions or rational thinking?

    Action movies, romantic comedies or something else?

    Are you with me or against me?”

    Do you believe me or not?”

    Will you join us or not?”

    These structures typically present a binary choice or decision point.

  3. Do you want tea or coffee?
    are you ok or not?
    Are you kidding me or do you actually believe that?
    Are you going to wear the blue dress or the red one?
    Do you want to go for a walk in the park or stay indoors?
    How do you feel about having pizza for dinner tonight or cooking something at home?
    How about going to the gym after work or doing a workout at home?
    Do you prefer spending your weekends outdoors hiking or staying in and relaxing?

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