She is the one

وقتی می‌گوییم کسی یا چیزی the one است، یعنی آن تک شخص یا تک چیز، همان است که می‌دانیم یا می‌خواهیم.

She is the one.

If he is The One, he has a long way to go.

He is the one… who grabbed the sun

Weddings in our country? Well, they’re pretty different from the ones in England.

Evil people, like the ones who did this, should die, or at least go to prison.

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  1. He is the one who will save us(Les Miserables)
    He is the one who betrayed me(Les Miserables)
    This is the one true love of my life(Les Miserables)
    He held on to the old ones as long as he could, but eventually they had to go(A Farewell to Arms)
    He lost faith in the old ones and didn’t know what to believe in anymore(A Farewell to Arms)

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