Ryan, could you be a normal brother for one day?

معنی‌ها و کاربردهای اولیه could را قبلاً یاد گرفتیم.

Don’t say anything. She could hear you.

she could hear a man talking, he was giving her orders?

در این ترم، چند کاربرد دیگر این کلمه را یاد می‌گیریم.

یکی از کاربردهای could، گرفتن اجازه و مجوز است:Could I go to the bathroom?یکی از کاربردهای could، گرفتن اجازه و مجوز است:

Could I go to the bathroom?

Could I stay for a while, please?
I am in the basketball team of my school and tomorrow there is an important game. Could I take the class that I will miss on Saturday?

?my mother went to the shop and bought the game. She said: “”David, I have got something for you”” ? I said, ?Could I play with it now, please??

Ryan, could you be a normal brother for one day?

سوال پرسیدن با could، یک روش رایج برای درخواست یا پیشنهاد است.

Standard? Could you be more specific?

you could become a member of a gym.

We could meet in the nice cafe next to your house and have a coffee.

I’m afraid that I need to change the time of our meeting. Could it be at 5.30 pm?

با کمی تغییر می‌توان از چنین جملاتی برای اشاره به یک امکانپذیر بودن یا احتمال وقواع چیزی اشاره کرد:

But believe me, it could be really fun to have a talkative person as your friend, he or she will give you good laugh at anytime!

Could this really happen? Could he really be there, in that dark café ??

Could he be ill?


کدام یک از کاربردها و ساختارهای بالا برای شما جالب است؟ حداقل برای یک مورد، جمله بسازید و کامنت کنید.


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  1. For example:
    Could I borrow your pen for a moment?
    Could I ask you a question?
    Could I borrow your phone for a minute?
    Technology? Could you walk me through the steps of using this software?
    Recommendation? Could you suggest a good book to read?
    Could it be true? Could she really have won the lottery?
    Could this be a dream? Could I really be flying?

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