Plus those other two guys

با کلمه plus به معنی “به علاوه” (با علامت +) زیاد سر و کار داشتیم.

Eight plus fifteen is twenty three

همانطور که می‌بینید این کلمه غالباً اشاره plus به عدد و جمع کردن است:

… sometimes he forgets. I paid him, plus a handsome tip.

It cost me £۲,۵۰۰ plus the taxes.

At the moment I pay 550 pounds monthly plus bills

In my house we are six people, my mother, my father, my sister and my two brothers, plus my two cats, which are members of the family too.

Plus the ones I don’t remember

Plus those other two guys and… and that other guard.

Plus those last couple of heifers are ready to drop, so

گفتیم این کلمه، اکثراً در کنار اعداد می‌آید اما گاهی برای اتصال کلمات، عبارات و جملات هم به کار می‌رود:

I would be more than pleased to receive you at home, it’s not too big, but we could have a lot of fun, plus you won’t have to pay a thing!

در چنین جملاتی، غالباً به کمک plus به مزایا یا موارد مثبت اضافی اشاره می‌شود.

It’s around 200 so it’s pretty cheap for a good game. Plus, it’s really addictive and fun!

It will be fun because everyone is going to be there. Plus, the park is the best place for a picnic, we can run and just have fun!


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