plenty of time

در این ترم، لازم است تعداد بیشتری از determiner ها را یاد بگیریم.

I’m convinced that most people watch too much TV these days.

کلمات و عباراتی مانند ‘most’, ‘enough’, ‘plenty of’, ‘loads of’ از جمله اینها هستند.

If you haven’t got enough credit on your phone, we can meet at 11 am at the bookshop.

کاربرد اینها شمارش و اندازه گرفتن اسمهاست به همین دلیل جز quantifying determiner ها به حساب می‌آیند.

I think if we meet at 8 pm, we’ll have plenty of time to buy the tickets and some drinks.

We went to loads of beautiful places.

همانطور که می‌بینید، این determiner ها، هم با اسامی قابل شمارش می‌آید، هم با اسامی غیر قابل شمارش.


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  1. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough money in my bank account to buy this fancy watch.
    Most of teachers in this institute prefer to be free in the mornings.
    In my neighborhood most women go to gym to lose weight rather than getting stronger.
    There was plenty of water on the kitchen floor because of the defective faucet.
    He pushed loads of colorful leaves into the bag and took them to the stable for the hungry animals.

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