Oh yes, I understand that you went to Oxford

جمله زیر را که بخشی از فیلم Great Gatsby است، گوش کنید:

Oh yes, I understand that you went to Oxford

فعل understand را می‌توانیم یک فعل reporting verbs بنامیم چون از آن برای گزارش فهم خودمان استفاده می‌کنیم.

فعل realize هم در جمله زیر، از همین نوع فعل است:

I realize that I have no employment experience, but I really do need this job.

Big Eyes (2014)

افعالی مانند say و think هم مثالهای دیگری برای این نوع فعل هستند.

Hmm? Antwone. I think that,uh, he had a good time, don’t you?

Antwone Fisher (2002)

در تمام اینها، ما حس، فهم، گفته یا چیزی مانند اینها را ذهن بیان می‌کنیم.

آنچه بعد از that می‌آید، یک کلاز است که مفعول جمله به حساب می‌آید: چون چیزی است که ما داریم آن را بیان می‌کنیم؛ آنچه فکر می‌کنیم، آنچه دیده‌ایم، آنچه فهمیده‌ایم و …

When I got there, I realised that I wasn’t the only winner.

Now you’re sixteen, I totally understand that you don’t want to go on holiday with your parents.

گاهی بعد از این افعال، یک عبارت Prepositional هم می‌آید چون باید به کسی یا چیزی که به حس یا فهم ما کمک کرده، اشاره کنیم. به عنوان مثال این جمله را ببینید:

She realized that she had forgotten her keys.

اگر دوستش به او گفته باشد که کلید را فراموش کرده، باید به این شکل به او اشاره کنیم:

She realized from her friend that she had forgotten her keys

در اینجا from her friend یک Prepositional Phrase است. مانند to my friends در جمله زیر:

[about meeting a famous person] When I said to my friends that I had met with him, they didn’t believe me.


حداقل سه جمله را برای بیان چیزی که دیده‌اید، شنیده‌اید، حس کرده‌اید یا فهمیده‌اید، کامنت کنید.


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  1. For example:
    As I walked into the classroom, I realized that the exam had already started.
    Once I had climbed to the top of the hill, I realized that the view was spectacular.
    Now that you’ve traveled the world, I completely understand why you’re so open-minded and adventurous.
    He realized that he had left his phone at home.
    You realized that you had missed the bus.
    They realized through their discussions that they had different goals for the future.
    When I told my classmates that I had won the lottery, they didn’t believe me. They just laughed and said, Yeah, right, and I’m the queen of England.
    When I told my doctor that I was feeling better, they didn’t believe me. They wanted to run more tests.

  2. I realize that I haven’t studied enough for the exam.
    We realize that we don’t have enough time to finish the project.
    Now you’re an adult man, I completely understand that you don’t want to live with your parents.
    When I told my friends about my plans for the weekend, they didn’t believe me.

  3. He realized that he hadn’t taken his pencil case to the class.
    We understood from their behavior that She is a tough teacher.
    I think that she hasn’t accomplished her goal of reading the book in a month.
    I said to them that we will water their plants while they are out of city.

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