millions of dollars

تعدادی از determiner ها با اسامی جمع می‌آیند. کاربرد آنها هم شمارش است:

So several days ago we received a complaint.

کلماتی مانند ‘several’, ‘millions of’, ‘a few of’ جز اینها هستند.

I took it and wished to have millions of dollars.

They interviewed a few of the students, the teachers and the headmistress.


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  1. Millions of birds take this harsh and difficult journey every year to find a convenient place for their offsprings.
    Millions of bugs have been found in rainforests that play a crucial role in the decomposition of dead animals there.
    I had a few minor mistakes in my writing when my teacher returned it to me.
    A few of graduate students decided to change their major and study other subjects instead of physics.

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