may I ask you a question?

قبلاً فعل کمکی may را یاد گرفتیم.

You never know, it may help you get out of here.

It may help you to find some meaning for your suffering, Manolo.

شکل منفی آن را هم می‌دانیم:

I knew I may not meet him again

I realise that may not be the best way of resolving your problem.

They may not even have internet in the countryside!

یکی از ترکیبات رایج مربوط به may، استفاده از قیدهایی مانند also است: may also

There may also be an emotional risk

I may also ask you for another favor….

Why don’t you try going to the gym before work? It may also help you release stress?

اجازه گرفتن

سوال پرسیدن با may یکی از راه‌های بسیار رایج برای اجازه گرفتن است.

May I be your guide while you stay here?

May I borrow your bike?

May I borrow your mirror, please?

در واقع با May I، داریم کمکی را درخواست می‌کنیم.

May I give you a short presentation on 17th December?

May I ask you about my accommodation?

May I ask you if our company will receive the usual 10% discount?

Sir, may I ask you a question?


بر اساس یک موقعیت واقعی، دو جمله با may بسازید: یک جمله برای درخواست کردن و یک جمله برای استفاده از also


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