make another great joke

معنی کلمه another را می‌دانیم. این ضمیر گاهی به عنوان یک determiner پشت یک اسم (مفرد) می‌آید :

Every 5 minutes, he makes another great joke.

Maria cried, but after a few minutes, she dried her tears and said: Tomorrow will be another day!

One love to sacrifice another love is not right.

گاهی برای اضافه کردن یک مورد اضافه بر موارد قبلی هم از another استفاده می‌کنیم:

How about another joke, Murray?

You got another day, two at the most.

Dear Mary, I spent a week in Dubai and I am going to spend another week in Al Ain.

In ‘Master’ they’ve got excellent pasta, which is another reason why I love the restaurant.

اما گاهی علت استفاده از آن، صحبت از یک موضوع متفاوت است:

Personally I think that it is better to stay at another hotel such as a Holiday Inn.

We will go another day.

I’m sorry but I won’t be able to go to the English class tomorrow because I’ll go to Maldonado to see my mother that is ill. But I can go another day to cover the work I’ve missed.


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