It’s impossible for me to predict this

It’s impossible for me to predict this


به ساختار زیر در جمله بالا توجه کنید:

‘it’ + ‘be’ + adjective + ‘for’ + object + ‘to’ + infinitive

اگر چند مثال دیگر هم ببینیم تشخیص این الگو راحت تر خواهد بود:

It is right for the man to ask, no?

Mary Queen of Scots

در واقع گفته می‎شود که انجام یک چیزی (TO ask)، برای کسی (FOR me)، یک جوری (right) است.

Because, and I do think it is important for this room to know this, this is not a neutral party.

Miss Virginia

If you have to choose between two schools, I think it’s important for you to know what they’re like.

It’s impossible for me to meet with you at six o’clock.

It is important for everyone to attend this meeting.

[talking about not missing class] It’s essential for me to go because I think I can’t study physics by myself.

You know how hard it was for me to get these?



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