it was really like a dream

قبلاً با قیدهایی که اندازه فعل را مشخص می‌کنند، برخورد داشتیم:

گاهی این قیدها با prepositions یا prepositional phrases می‌آیند:

We found a home quite near to Heathrow

It’s quite near my house so I can go there easily.

Right behind you

When I was trying to reach the only frame of light I could see in the woods, something moved right behind me.

He’s right in front of the building. Go look. I’ll hold.

I’m going to put it right in front of the window, so I have enough light.

I felt I was flying and it was really like a dream.

Place was really like a home to some of us, you know, especially Stevie here, because he lives in the back.

Especially with an older brother.

But anyway it’s enjoyable to shop for clothes especially with a group of friends.


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  1. For example:
    The car was parked right in front of the store.
    The park is quite near my house, so I often walk there.
    The cake was delicious, especially with a scoop of ice cream.
    I love to eat pizza, especially with pepperoni and extra cheese.
    I enjoy learning new languages, especially with the help of a good teacher.
    The criminal was right in front of the police officer when he was arrested.

  2. Filling out the form was quite challenging, especially with low speed internet.
    I will leave the keys right in front of the dark brown cabinet on the second shelf.
    the car was parked right in front of our garage without any number or trace of the owner.

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