It was quite a long time ago

می‌دانیم که صفت می‌تواند چند کلمه‌ای یا عبارت باشد:

… my boss told me that at 10.15 am I have a very important meeting.

… she’s also a really good friend.

You have a lovely office

It is quite a lovely office.

That was a long time ago now.

It was quite a long time ago.

در واقع quite a را وقتی پشت صفت می‌آوریم که بخواهیم شدت آن را نشان دهیم. پس quite a long time ago یعنی گذشته بسیار دور .

I been thinking about your last letter for quite a long time and I came to the following conclusion.

This is quite a difficult situation you have.

That was quite a difficult film to make for me.

I personally think going to a large school is quite a good idea.

Yes, yes, that’s quite a good idea, yes.


ساختار چهار کلمه‌ای این درس را در یک جمله به کار ببرید و موضوع مشخصی را انتقال بدهید.


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  1. For example:
    The world has changed quite a long time ago.
    It was quite a long time ago that I last saw my grandparents.
    I haven’t seen my old friend in quite a while.
    The city is quite a distance from my hometown.
    I have quite a lot of work to do today.
    The book has quite a few chapters.

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