It might not be very fashionable

you might remember me

قبلاً با might زیاد مواجه شدیم.

Hello? Hi, Holbrooke, you might not remember me.

فرم منفی might یکی از نکات گرامری ترم سوم است که باید با آن کار کنیم:

I like to wear a shirt and pants. It might not be very fashionable, it might look simple, but that’s the way I like it.

It mightn’t have been here when you were here last, Harry.

I think that people watch too much TV these days and in a way this mightn’t be such a good thing.

یکی از کاربردهای might، نقل قول چیزی از گذشته است:

… my parents said it might be the last holiday where we are all together.

در چنین حالتی، might به عنوان فرم گذشته may دارد استفاده می‌شود چون صحبت از شاید و احتمالی در گذشته است.

Lisa thought it might be a lucky one so she showed it to her Dad.

گاهی هم برای دادن پیشنهاد یا توصیه به شکلی مودبانه مورد استفاده قرار می‌گیرد:

The park is a great place for picnic. It has lots of trees, a beautiful view and fresh air. You might need to bring some food and drink

I really don’t know what you should do, but I think that you might talk with your parents

‘might have’ + ‘-ed’

الگوی ‘might have’ + ‘-ed’ هم یکی از الگوهای مهم might است که برای صحبت در گذشته است

She might have been right.

They might have been right, but I don’t agree with them.

[talking about an unusual sound] It might have been our neighbours’ cat

He might have seen us.

همانطور که می‌بینید، این ترکیب برای صحبت در مورد یک احتمال در گذشته است:

Many things might have led to these changes.

I thought that a burglar might have broken into our house.

جلب توجه به یک موضوع

گاهی با عباراتی مانند as you might know توجه مخاطب را به یک نکته جلب می‌کنیم:

As you might know, I’ve been involved in a lot of jobs.

As you might know, nobody came here until Wednesday afternoon.

As you might know, I’ve been very busy recently taking my exams.

As you might have noticed, I broke your beautiful vase which was in the hall.

ممکن است با استفاده از عبارات متنوع دیگری مانند have already heard هم چنین کاری را انجام دهیم:

As you might have already heard, there is a delay with the setting of the new computer system.


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  1. As you might know, our company plans to become the largest producer of kitchen utensils in Iran within ten years.
    My friends told me that I might have gone too far in dealing with my boss.
    I can’t help you much, but I think it might be better to apologize to your colleague.

  2. She might not come to the party.
    He said he might go to the bank later.
    You might want to try the soup. It’s very good.
    She might have forgotten her keys.
    As you might know, the office will be closed tomorrow.
    As you might have already heard, we are moving to a new location.

  3. As you might noticed, my neighbor has two naughty children.
    They might’ve changed their decision at the last minute.
    You might want to buy dairy products from local people.
    It might be shocking for you to see how dramatically she had changed.

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