It is necessary to have respect

به این چند جمله توجه کنید:

It is necessary to have respect


Do you think it would be difficult to kill someone


It is possible to die

The hours

به یک ساختار مشترک در این جملات دقت کردید؟

It was nice to meet you

A Night Without Armor

اجازه بدهید راهنمایی کنیم: حتی این عبارت رایج هم چنین ساختاری دارد.

ساختار این جمله به این شکل است:

‘it’ + ‘be’ + adjective + ‘to’

بعد از to هم مصدر یا infinitive می‎‌آید:

But sometimes it’s essential to do what your parents want you to do.

در این جملات، اغلب به شکلی غیر مستقیم، روی اهمیت موضوعی تاکید می‌شود.

Our sales department staff are heavily involved in several international projects, so it is necessary to improve their foreign language skills.

In the centre of town it is possible to do more activities after school.

[talking about a computer problem] It was impossible to install the system.



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  1. For example:
    But sometimes it’s crucial to follow the guidelines set by your teachers.
    But sometimes it’s crucial to stand up for what you believe in.
    In the heart of the city, there are more dining options available at night.
    On the top of the mountain, it is possible to see for miles in every direction.
    Do you think it would be easy to become a famous musician?
    Do you think it would be beneficial to learn a new language?

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