Isn’t she pretty?

این نقاشی را نگاه کنید: “زیبا نیست؟”

Isn’t she pretty?

The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan (1979)

این جمله‌ای است که در ویدئوی بالا می‌شنویم.

Isn’t he cute? Duke? Yeah.

She’s the Man (2006)

در ترم‌های قبل، نحوه پرسیدن این نوع سوالات را یاد گرفتیم:

گفتیم جوابی که به چنین سوالی می‌توان داد، yes یا no هست (yeah شکل عامیانه yes است).

ساختار آن هم به این شکل است: main verb ‘be’ + ‘n’t’

Aren’t you excited about it?

Isn’t he sweet?

[talking about a cottage] Isn’t it in the mountains?

اگر فعل جمله، be نباشد، باید از یک فعل کمکی (auxiliary) مانند do و have برای ساختن سوال کمک بگیریم:

Don’t you think so?

Don’t you like any programmes?

Don’t you think she would be happy?

Don’t you know me?

Haven’t you seen it yet?

Haven’t they got their own style?

به جز do و have می‌توانیم از افعال modal مانند can هم استفاده کنیم:

Can’t you make both?”
Wouldn’t you like to come?

I’m going to a picnic next Saturday with my parents, won’t you come with us?

گاهی هدف ما از پرسیدن چنین سوالاتی این است که ببینیم آیا با ما موافق است یا نه:

Finally two days ago I found it in my pocket! It’s funny! Don’t you think?

They’re filming a part of Harry Potter at our school, because our main building is very old. Isn’t that great?

You can even just relax and sunbathe while you drink a nice, cold lemonade. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

While we were there, there was also a concert and I got to see Rihanna and Chris Brown! Isn’t that awesome? “


به عنوان تمرین، به چند موقعیت واقعی فکر کنید و چند مثال مشابه مثالهای این درس را کامنت کنید.


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  1. Yesterday I went to the bookstore and found a book by my teacher. Isn’t it interesting?
    Last night when I went for a walk with my wife, I saw my school friend. Isn’t it strange?
    I want to go to the cinema next week, won’t you come with me?

    1. ممنونم مهدی عزیز،
      دو جمله اول کمی ابهام دارن هر چند از نظر گرامری درست هستن
      میشه کمی بهترشون کرد:
      Yesterday I went to the bookstore and found a book written by my teacher. Isn’t that interesting?
      Last night when I went for a walk with my wife, I unexpectedly saw my school friend. Isn’t that strange?
      اما سومی ایراد گرامری داره
      بسته به اینکه دقیقاً چی میخوایم بگیم میتونیم چنین جملاتی رو درست تر بدونیم:
      I want to go to the cinema next week. Won’t you come with me?
      I want to go to the cinema next week. Will you come with me?

      1. سپاس هیوا جان
        یه سوال ازتون دارم: فرمودید جمله سومم ایراد گرامی داره و بهتره از دو جمله‌ای که شما نوشتید استفاده کنم. به نظر میرسه که جمله اولتون دقیقا همونیه که من نوشتم. آیا جمله دیگه‌ای مدنظرتون بوده یا من اشتباه دیدم؟

      2. سلام مهدی جان. کاملاً درسته خودم هم الان جوابم رو خوندم تعجب کردم. تنها توجیهی که میتونم بیارم اینه که دیشب بعد از تمام شدن کارهای دیگه، ۴۰-۵۰ کامنت رو جواب دادم. هم خسته بودم هم دقت کافی نداشتم.
        پس جواب سوم شما هم کاملاً درست بود

  2. For example:
    Can you handle this?
    Don’t you have feelings for me?
    I have an exciting adventure ahead!
    After weeks of searching, I finally stumbled upon my missing phone tucked away in the bottom of my backpack! Can you believe it?
    Imagine curling up with a good book by a crackling fireplace, a warm cup of cocoa in hand. Wouldn’t that be incredibly cozy?
    Picture yourself gazing up at a star-studded sky, the vastness of the universe filling you with a sense of awe and wonder. Wouldn’t that be incredibly inspiring?
    Imagine yourself spending quality time with loved ones, laughter and conversation filling the air. Wouldn’t that be immensely heartwarming?
    Amidst the bustling city streets, we stumbled upon a quaint bookstore tucked away in a quiet corner. Inside, we discovered a treasure trove of rare and classic books. Wasn’t that a delightful find?

  3. I gave my book for wire binding to a nearer shop, so I could take it sooner, but not only did the shop owner do it badly, but also it took half a day instead of half an hour, isn’t it annoying?
    I have some friend over today, and since this morning I have a headache. Isn’t it irritating?

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