If we want freedom, we must fight for it

معنی و کاربرد must را می‌دانیم.

در این ترم، چند نکته و کاربرد جدید آن را یاد می‌گیریم.

Because I must. I must. I’ve got to.

در اینجا، فعل اصلی جمله حذف شده است چون در جملات قبل این جمله آمده. پس می‌دانیم منظور چیست.

To sum it up, right now, I take care of her because I must!

You must! It’s amazing!

گاهی به جای فعل، فاعل حذف می‌شود:

[at the end of a letter] Must go now.

Must be really difficult for you

must also

فعل کمکی must گاهی با قید also می‌آید:

But I must also feel it as a man.

But this woman must also choose me.

first you must always watch what you eat

it must be

چنین عبارتی، عبارت رایجی برای حدس و نتیجه گیری در مورد یک موضوع مشخص است:

It must be really bad.

در واقع داریم نظر خودمان را در مورد درستی چیزی بیان می‌کنیم.

You must be Chris, right? Number seven.

Second, it must be boring for you to sit at a computer all day.

You must be nervous. Not really.

[talking about moving to another town] You must be so nervous.

دعوت کردن

به کمک must می‌توان کسی را دعوت به کاری کرد:

You must come with me. Now.

You must come and stay in our house too.

You must come and see this restaurant!

اگر ضرورت یا الزامی وجود داشته باشد، چنین عباراتی آن را به خوبی بیان می‌کنند.

We must search it.

[talking about something the speaker has found] She took it and said we must go and find him.

If we want freedom, we must fight for it.

Your parents must learn to let you live your own life …

گاهی این ضرورتی که بیان می‌کنیم، صرفاً پیشنهاد ماست:

It’s been fun, girls. We must do it again.

This club has been opened for just two weeks. I mean we must see it.

[talking about a day out] We must do that again, don’t you think?!

Rome is really fantastic and you must go there!


شما چه پیشنهادات و الزاماتی در ذهن دارید که دوست دارید آن را به کسی بگویید؟ چند جمله برای بیان این موارد بسازید و کامنت کنید.

در یک مورد، فعل یا فاعل را حذف کنید طوریکه مقصود شما مشخص باشد.


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  1. Your boss must understand your special circumstances.
    We must protest together against this awful situation.
    You must attend more meetings like this.
    must have suffered a lot.
    I must win because I must!

  2. For example:
    You must read this book! It’s life-changing.
    To be honest, I’m staying in this job because I need the money.
    I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you.
    I must be realistic, but I must also never give up on my dreams.
    It must be really lonely to live far away from your family.
    You must come with me home. Now.

  3. She must go to work.
    Must be on the fifth floor at 4:30.
    You must also bring your daughter to the party.
    It must be frustrating, not knowing how much time you must wait for the next bus.
    Kids, we must put away your toys now. Guests are at the door.
    We must bake some more cookies. It was great fun.

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