I just want you to listen carefully

در این ترم، کلمات زیادی را به عنوان قید یاد می‌گیریم. این کلمات برای توضیح چگونگی رخ دادن اتفاقات و عمل‌ها به کار برده می‌شوند.

I just want you to listen carefully. Okay.

I want you to listen very carefully to what I’m about to tell you.

They are like my sisters. We go everywhere together.

We could easily win this war, if only you had a little faith.

You are a sweet and caring guy and wherever you’ll go, you’ll fit in easily!

Of course you have to eat carefully.

Then I took a knife and opened it very carefully and slowly like there was something breakable in it.


چند مورد از این قیدها را در جملاتی واقعی به کار ببرید.


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  1. I always open my presents carefully in case of using the wrapping paper again.😊
    I can’t pronounce some of English words such as equivalent easily. She easily prepares a meal for more than twenty five guests.
    Please climb up the ladder carefully.

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