I can change almost anything

در سطح متوسط باید بتوانیم از ضمیرهای بی‌نهایت (indefinite pronouns) زیادی مانند something و nobody استفاده کنیم.

I often watch TV, because my computer is broken and I have nothing to do.

Dad said there is nothing to do, then… Nowhere to hide.

این ضمیرها می‌توانند نقش‌های مختلفی مانند فاعل یا مفعول داشته باشند.

And I say nobody is going to hurt him.

there was nothing on the wall.

It’s a tennis club and the people there were all strangers for me, I didn’t know anyone.

I’m sorry, but there wasn’t anyone there.

I mean, there’s been no reports. Nothing on the news

When I arrived at his house there wasn’t anyone there.

He went everywhere in the world!

They’re everywhere. I can’t take it anymore.

I can change almost anything…

I didn’t do anything to you.

Find something, anything… Well, almost anything, to stop that shine of yours

And you’d let them do absolutely anything to you.

I mean that you’d do absolutely anything for the other person.

همانطور که می‌بینید، برای بیان دقیقتر می‌توان از کلماتی مانند absolutely یا almost استفاده کرد.

You can find absolutely anything, whatever you need.

I like to wear a T-shirt with jeans almost everywhere I go.

Nearly everyone I know sits at a computer all day.


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  1. Nothing could be heard but the ticking of the clock(Les Miserables)
    Anyone who saw him could tell he was a poor man(Les Miserables)
    Everything was ready for the party(Les Miserables)
    He was afraid of something he didn’t understand(A Farewell to Arms)
    Everything was nothing to him now(A Farewell to Arms)
    He didn’t believe in anything anymore(A Farewell to Arms)

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