hang out with me

در دو ترم قبل، با فعل‌های چند کلمه‌ای یا عبارتی (phrasal verbs) مانند look at کار کردیم و مثال‌های زیادی را در خوانده‌ها و شنیده‌هایمان دیدیم.

Just look at me for a second. Look at me.

Nocturnal Animals (2016)

در ترم سوم هم تعداد زیادی از این کلمات را یاد خواهیم گرفت. در زیر ده مثال آورده‌ایم:

go for sth

end up

consist of sth

work out

get out

Look out

go away

give in

stay in

hang out

یادگیری کلمات بیشتری از این دسته به ما این امکان را می‌دهد که جملات متنو‌ع‌تری بسازیم.

You want me to hang out with you?

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

برخی از این افعال مانند مثالهای بالا نیاز به مفعول (object) دارند؛ برخی از آنها (مانند جمله زیر) بدون مفعول هستند.

I totally understand if you don’t want to hang out anymore.

در زیر مثالهای دیگری آورده شده که در آنها، phrasal verb های ترم سوم استفاده شده است:

You don’t hang out with me, you don’t laugh with me, you don’t even fucking touch me anymore.

Snowden (2016)

Its battery had run out. [talking about a phone]

She cried a lot. Her feelings, emotions were all scattered. But Lisa didn’t give up.

So I opened the envelope and took out the letter.

I needed to hang out because my life was too jam-packed and hectic.

Were it not for my university, I would give up this class immediately.”

Try them on.Let’s see how they look. Yeah? Yeah.

Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

همانطور که در مثال بالا دیدید، گاهی مفعول، بین دو بخش این افعال دو کلمه‌ای می‌آید.

ضروری نیست بدانید اما شاید برایتان جالب باشد بدانید که به بخش دوم این افعال، particle گفته می‌شود. پس در فعل try on به on می‌گوییم particle که به فعل اضافه شده است. particle فعل give up هم می‌شود up.

Were it not for my university, I would give up this class immediately.

I must travel to Mexico City because I won a novel contest and I need to pick up my award.

So I opened the envelope and took out the letter.

She turned off the phone and walked to the bathroom.

گاهی مفعول جمله، بین فعل و particle می‌آید:

I took it out before I brushed my teeth.

Equilibrium (2002)

همانطور که می‌بینید، در بسیاری از چنین جملاتی، مفعول ما ضمیر است:

I heard about this club when I was watching T.V. and I wanted to check it out.

I really like shopping for clothes, but I hate trying them on because always when I finish, the shop assistant shows me more clothes.

So, think it over and tell me what you decide to do.


نشانی ایمیل شما منتشر نخواهد شد. بخش‌های موردنیاز علامت‌گذاری شده‌اند *

  1. he climbed over the fence and poured the slops into the trough.
    Will you come over and play with me?”
    Cautiously Templeton pulled himself up over the edge of the trough.
    Darkness settled over everything.
    Wilbur trotted over to the darkest corner of his pen and threw himself down.
    Tears ran down her cheeks and she took hold of the ax and tried to pull it out of her father’s hand.

  2. از کتاب Atomic Habits:
    Go for a run, but you must stop after two minutes.
    Eventually, you’ll end up with the habit you had originally hoped to build while still keeping your
    focus where it should be: on the first two minutes of the behavior.
    Don’t break the chain of creating every day and you will end up with an impressive portfolio.
    With the same habits, you’ll end up with the same results.
    Here’s how the math works out: if you can get 1 percent better each day for one year, you’ll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you’re done.
    An implementation intention sweeps away foggy notions like “I want to work out more” or “I want to be more productive” or “I should vote” and transforms them into a concrete plan of action.
    As the writer Jason Zweig noted, “Obviously you’re never going to just work out without conscious thought.
    The key is to change the task such that it requires more work to get out of the good habit than to get started on it.
    Get out of bed.
    I want to live a healthy and long life > I need to stay in shape > I need to exercise > I need to change into my workout clothes.
    After I hang up the phone from a sales call, I will move one paper clip over.
    Hang up towel to dry.

  3. Don’t forget to turn off the TV before you go to bed.
    The meeting seemed to go on forever.
    I’m going to throw these old magazines away because we don’t need them anymore.
    You need to fill the form out completely before submitting it.

    1. ممنونم مهرآسا هر چهار جمله درست بودن
      البته fill out the form رایج تر هست یعنی مفعول بین دو بخش این فعل کمتر میاد
      You need to fill out the form completely before submitting it

    1. سام don’t در جمله اول اشتباه به کار برده شده
      کلاً باید حذف بشه
      I think you never give up in your life
      در جمله دوم و سوم کاما بگذاریم خوانایی جمله بهتر میشه
      I go out with my friend(s), and we have a lot of fun.
      Give it to me, please.

    1. ممنونم علی عزیز هر سه جمله جملات خوبی هستن
      برای ایمیل همونطور که در فارسی هم داریم، چک کردن بهتره یعنی out نداره
      check your profile out when you’re done studying this lesson
      در مورد جمله سوم: رایج تر هست که برای به خواب رفتن بگیم go to sleep
      When I get home, I take off my clothes first, then I go to sleep

    1. در جمله اول یک بار anymore کافیه به نظرم
      I don’t want to hang out with him anymore because I don’t trust him
      در مورد جمله دوم:
      پرو کردن و تست کردن لباس رو try on بگیم بهتره
      I tried on my new clothes, and they were very beautiful.
      به جای those هم they بهتره. those برای اشاره کردن به چیزی هست اما وقتی ارجاع میدیم به چیزی که در جمله قبلی گفتیم they بهتر هست
      جمله آخر هم به این شکل درسته هر چند موضوع گرامر این ترم ما نیست
      I gave up on the first class

      1. مرسی مچکرم، نکته جمله دوم برام جالبتر بود و بنظر این اشتباه رو در تمرینات بعدی هم داشته باشم و مرسی از شما که شکل درستش و یاد گرفتم

    1. سه جمله اول درست هستن
      البته جمله دوم به این شکل کاملتر و قابل فهم تر خواهد شد:
      I enjoy hanging out with my coworkers
      در جمله چهارم هم run اشتباه هست. ran درسته. این دو کلمه خیلی وقتها ممکنه ما رو به اشتباه بندازن به خاطر شباهت املایی

    1. فاطمه ممنونم جمله درستیه برای این درس اما the شاید درست نباشه اینجا مگر اینکه فرضمون این باشه که در جملات قبلی این کلمات موردنظر رو گفتیم

  4. My little niece couldn’t blow out two candles on her cake.
    Blow out candles/ flame/ a match/ a fire
    Blow out collocations
    We blew up the ball and did some relaxing exercises with it.
    Hasn’t your argument over this silly toy blown over yet?
    من معنی کالوکیشن های blow
    برام سخته و سعی میکنم جمله بسازم تا یادم بمونه.

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