For although she may not be perfect, I accept her for who she is

قبلاً کلمات ربط را یاد گرفتیم و با آنها جملات مرکب ساختیم.

Nobody’s ever seen him since he becomes a myth.

در این ترم، بیشتر با این کلمات کار خواهیم کرد:

‘as, after, before since, until, although, whether, so (that), though’

Darlene always had a lot of boys around, even though she was married.

Craig kept saying we could always start a family after I finished college.

For although she may not be perfect, I accept her for who she is! Come back here.

In fact, I have to buy a desk, as I don’t have one.

I usually read during the afternoon after I have finished my homework.

Before going out in the centre, we went to a pub in order to eat something together, but I didn’t see my boyfriend because he stayed at home.

I haven’t seen him since we were at school.

I’m really sorry that I’m not available to attend this since I’ll be in China for an important meeting with a customer. (China; B1 THRESHOLD; 2002; Chinese; Pass)

You’re lying. And I’m not leaving… until I get some answers.

But I didn’t remember my ring until I got back home.

Although the holiday was fantastic, I wished that you were with us.

My parents also want me to go on holiday with them this summer, although I want to stay with my friends.

There were lots of people waiting for us though we had never met them before


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  1. I haven’t seen my friend since she has gone from here.
    I usually study English either in the morning if I have time or in the evening after I rest a bit.
    Although l had a good time at the party of my friend, but l had to leave early, because there was an urgent matter.

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