either alive or dead

دو کلمه either و or غالباً به این شکل با هم می‌آیند:

either … or …

OK, now Mr. Winter is either alive or dead.

معنی آن هم الگوی” یا این یا آن” را دارد: مرده یا زنده.

به این ترتیب، کلمات، عبارات، کلازها یا جملات را با هم ترکیب می‌کنیم.

They are either to be shot on sight or incinerated without a trial

The men wear suits, either white or black, and the bride and women wear special long dresses, usually the same colour.

We can go either to the beach or to the inner part of Uruguay which is mainly a huge meadow.

I’ll either write or phone you soon.

You can either go to the gym or attend some special classes, where you do gentle exercises.


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  1. He is supposed to bring either bread or tomato for tomorrow’s breakfast in the nature.
    I’ll make them clean up their room either in the morning or afternoon.
    I’m going to purchase either a notebook or a set of paint brushes for her birthday which is in the coming week.

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