both of us will not make it out alive

معنی کلمات و عبارات زیر را قبلاً یاد گرفته‌ایم:

‘some’, ‘a few’, ‘any’, ‘each’

گاهی بعد از این ضمیرها، of را می‌آوریم تا به چیزی که داریم از آن صحبت می‌کنیم اشاره کنیم: به مفعول جمله که غالباً یک ضمیر است

Some of them agree with Bench. You can’t be serious.

both of us will not make it out alive.

Of course some of them are closer than others but I love them all.

I have shot many photos with my new digital camera and I will send some of them by e-mail for you.

Well, you wouldn’t know. You don’t even know any of us.

We know a few of them, don’t we?

I invited a few of the other Supes, too.

Children my age are playing too long with their computers…. But only a few of them.

So traveling is not at all a problem for any of us.

Each of us have our vices.

Please ensure each of them has a computer, and they can practice for at least half an hour after class.


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  1. For example:
    I ate a few of the cookies
    Is there any of the pizza left?
    There is some of the fog still in the air
    I don’t have any of the time to help you right now
    Each of the books on the shelf is interesting
    Some of the people in the village were afraid of Jean Valjean(Les Miserables)
    A few of the children dared to approach him, but most ran away(Les Miserables)
    Some of the soldiers were deserting their pos(A Farewell to Arms)
    A few of the nurses were still working, tending to the wounded(A Farewell to Arms)
    I didn’t see any of the officers during the attack(A Farewell to Arms)

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