But I gotta make new memories or the old ones are gonna kill me

عباراتی مانند the old ones در زبان انگلیسی بسیار رایج هستند.

But I gotta make new memories or the old ones are gonna kill me.

برای آنکه بدانیم one اینجا به چه چیزی اشاره دارد، باید عبارات و جملات قبلی را در ذهن داشته باشیم. در این دو ویدئو، one اشاره دارد به memory. پس old ones یعنی old memories

And it was Gavin who told me, “Howard, you can’t go on like this or you’re gonna die, you need to start building new memories or the old ones are gonna kill you.

Yeah, that’s just the ones we know about.

Who is chasing us? She is the one who put him away.

We should buy some new copiers and some new faxes because the old ones are very slow, and one copier is already broken.

Give me a big one.

Give me the big one.

I have seen many programs recently, but the ones that I liked best are the funny ones, and the science-fiction ones, because I like things that are unreal.

I also like watching films on Friday nights, there are some good ones on the first channel.

I’ve bought five new t-shirts, because I don’t like my old ones anymore.

در تمام این موارد یک determiner هم داشتیم که اشاره داشت به یک مورد مشخص؛ مثلاً تی‌شرت جدید من

اما ممکن است منظورم ما به طور کلی و عمومی باشد. یعنی اشاره ما مثلاً به کامپیوتر باشد؛ نه لزوماً یک کامپیوتر مشخص:

Cheaper than new ones anyway.

برای مثال اینجا با توجه به کانتکست و فضای فیلم، می‌توانیم حدس بزنیم که اشاره آنتونی هاپکینز به چرخ‌های جدید است.

And I’ll have to replace them with new ones.

اما در اینجا چون جملات قبلی را نداریم، نمی‌توانیم حدس دقیق بزنیم.

A long time ago, someone figured out how to replace deteriorating cells with new ones.

ولی در اینجا مشخص است که ones به cells اشاره دارد.

Our computers are out-dated and slow. I think we should replace them with new ones.

Large schools are usually better than small ones, because they offer more interesting activities.

My pillows are getting old and I need new ones.

To tell the truth, I prefer large schools to small ones.

We also need new armchairs, because a lot of the old ones are broken.


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