becomes as good as yours

معنی ضمیرهای ملکی مانند mine و yours را می‌دانیم.

There are many like it, but this one is mine

It’s not my destiny, it’s yours. It always has been.

یکی از ترکیبات و عبارات رایج برای این ضمیرها، با as … as شروع می‌شود:

Hope you have a friend as good as mine!

They’re not as good as yours, but I’m kinda getting the

My bedroom is not as big as yours but it is lovely.

I can almost guarantee it’s not as big as yours.

My town isn’t very big, so I think it won’t grow as fast as yours.

I hope my English becomes as good as yours.

When it comes to dosing it down the boy’s throat, well, frankly, he’s my son as well as hers.

And I can be just as quick as him.

Is he as big as him?


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