a little time

عباراتی مانند ‘a little’, ‘a bit of’ and ‘a little bit of’ هستند که برای بیان اندازه و میزان اسامی غیر قابل شمارشی مانند time به کار برده می‌شوند.

I went with my friends so we could spend a little time together.

نقش این عبارات، در چنین جملاتی determiner است: quantifying determiner

I had a bit of free time, so I took the bus and I went to my friend’s house.

چنین عباراتی غالباً در کانتکست غیر رسمی و محاوره‌ای کاربرد دارند.

I just watch a little bit of TV when I come home from school.

گاهی قید (adverb) هم در کنار determiner می‌آید:

Because almost all of the programmes are stupid.

His name is Richard and since we were just little kids, we’ve spent nearly every day together.


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  1. The weather was a little bit hot and humid the day we went for walk in the park.
    She is a little bit shy and it takes time for her to break the ice and speak at the parties.
    Would you please borrow me a little bit money for buying this course?
    I asked her to eat a little more rice and stew because she wanted to be out until 10 pm.

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