The main character in the book is inspired by you

ترکیبات اسمی مانند The main character را زیاد دیده‌ایم.

The main character in the book is inspired by you.

در ترم سوم، کلمات زیادی یاد خواهیم گرفت که برای ساختن ترکیبات بیشتر به کارمان می‌آیند.

He’s, uh, he’s a… he’s a complicated character, right?

This is a… complicated situation.

And I want a complicated life… where I can love someone like that.

The main character in the programme is a journalist who is visiting the town.

Dear Fiona, I see you are in a complicated situation, aren’t you?

The first of them had long dark hair and the second one had short fair curly hair.

In the evening, we used to go to a famous restaurant where you can eat delicious local food.

I decided to see the “”Zorro’s Mask”” because it’s an amusing and entertaining action film and love-story.


از کلماتی که اخیراً مرور کردید یا کلماتی که در ترم سوم داشتیم، کدام کلمات خاطرتان هست؟ می‌توانید با آنها ترکیبات جدیدی بسازید؟


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  1. The main reason for this gathering is to talk about our school financial issues.
    In the mornings we used to go for a walk in the park where your brother’s apartment building is next to.
    One of the radical aspects in owning a business is having good communication skills.

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