both friends and enemy

دو کلمه both و and با ساختار زیر در زبان انگلیسی بسیار رایج هستند:

both … and …

به جای سه نقطه، اسم یا عبارات اسمی را می‌توانیم بیاوریم. معنی آن هم چیزی شبیه به “هم این، هم آن” است.

They seduce both friends and enemy.

I felt sorry for you because both friends and family are very important and having to pick one is very hard.

As a result of our aggressive and successful expansion strategy, both our market share and the number of our staff are increasing tremendously.

Argentina has both wonderful country landscapes and excellent towns to enjoy


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  1. My both paternal and maternal grandparents had the same names.
    Both books and podcasts can help you broden your horizon and inform your life.
    Both cream and gray are nude colors, choose whatever you like better.
    Their pants have both great quality in fabric and sewing, it’s up to you to decide the color you like the most.

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